ASIMOV SRL is born for your buisnness

With our tool BLISS , your bussinness only need to be worried for grow and be.
We make the hard work, so you can work easy, quick and beter.







We can make you a hole new Corporate Image, since Graphic Design, logos, Profecional Website, or even a custom sistem por your internal use, for you and your employees have a beter way to work, automatic and simple.

Websites: Personal, Profeccional or Corporative.
Electronic Billin (Only Argentina).
Automatic Sell Stadistics.
Finantial Reports.
Clients and Employees digital Archives.
Inventory and Stock, of Merch and services
APPS for IOS and Android. And more...

We can make Anything you Need.
Custom for your Company or StartUp.
Easy Access from your Phone or Computer
From Anywhere you are, at Anytimet
All your Information Safe
With Backups and Security Protocols
From the Cloud or local.

Need a new Webiste?

Need a new Image Corporation?

Need a new Informatic System?

Need to low down your Operative Costs?

Need Something but you don't know What?


About Us?

We are a team of entrepreneurs, passionate about technology and we work together since 2014. We seek to grow, learn and always looking for innovation. Asimov is a SRL founded by Croharé Wanda and Germán Quiróz Bogner in 2017, we are a software factory startup and we make systems for: web, mobile and desktop. If you want to know more about us or have any questions, you can contact us through this email We will get back to you soon!

¿Quienes Somos?

Somos un equipo de emprendedores, apasionados por la tecnología trabajando juntos desde 2014, aprendiendo cresiendo y siempre buscando inovar con las nuevas herramientas tecnológicas. Asimov es una SRL fundada por Croharé Wanda y Germán Quiróz Bogner en 2017, somos una empresa de desarrollo de Software para multiples plataformas: web, mobile y ejecutables. BLISS es uno de nuestros productos dedicados al compeljo mundo empresarial. Si tienes alguna duda o necesitar software personaliza podes contactarnos a travez de este mail y nos comunicaremos a la brevedad